Somebody PLEASE wake me up.  Congress is spending money so fast and furiously the ink on the bills is still wet.  We’ve witnessed the massive government takeover of numerous private enterprises subverting two hundred years of bankruptcy law.  Our federal government has grown exponentially over the last six months and now has more “czars” than 18th century Russia.  Numerous campaign promises have been blatantly broken with no excuse or apology.  We just passed the largest tax increase in history with cap & trade.  Our illustrious congress is in the midst of writing a bill that will turn our health care industry on its head and STILL doesn’t know how they’re going to pay for it.  We’re releasing terrorists onto tropical islands without the consent of the governments who have jurisdiction over those islands.  We’ve offered numerous platitudes and praise for middle easterners who want to kill us and strong-armed, snubbed or criticized our allies.  Class envy has exploded into full blown dementia.  Racism was not allowed to continue to die an ignominious death.  It has instead had new life breathed into it which has set us back 50 years.  Empathy, ripping off the blindfold of justice, is now a prime prerequisite for Supreme Court nominees.  We’ve given nice names to evil things; war is now an “overseas contingency operation” and terrorist acts are now “man-made disasters”.

This is all a bad, bad dream.  Isn’t it?


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