PMA: The Media is Finally “Getting it”

Well, they’re sort of ‘getting it”.  Sometimes I think their reporting is just their way of warning that they may have to report more if things continue to develop badly for Democrats.  That’s why we get headlines like “Analysis: Republicans may gain ethics issue”.  Whoops!  Be careful Democrats.  Someone has caught onto your tactics!  My theory that it’s more a warning than a desire to actually, you know, report the news is further bolstered by editorials and lefty blogs asking them to “come clean”.  If they come clean, an ounce of honesty might then be enough to focus on while ignoring what they had to come clean about.  Oh the embarrassment of campaigning for them, donating to their campaigns and arguing with your friends about how they’re so much better than those corrupt Republicans only to find that they really don’t give a crap about you; only insofar as how it might secure your vote in the next election.

(Yeah, something is very, very wrong when a Google news search turns up a total of 413 news articles about PMA (many of them just reprints of other syndications) and 1,613 articles about David Letterman’s Palin insults.)

I’ve been thinking about this situation with the now defunct PMA lobbying group and their ties to Murtha, Visclosky and Moran of Pennsylvania, Indiana and Virginia, respectively.  Murtha has received about $2.37M from PMA clients, Visclosky received $1.36M and Moran received about $1M.  Over the past few years these three have helped steer hundreds of millions of dollars in earmark money to PMA clients.  Murtha has a long and sordid history of corruption.  Moran shot his mouth off on his plans to work the system, “When I become chairman, I’m going to earmark the shit out of it.” And Visclosky is in deep enough that he’s the first one subpoenaed.

But what’s amazing (okay, not “shocking”) is that past House Appropriations staffers, led by Paul Magliochetti, found such a target rich environment through their experiences with these Democrats that they were able to build a multi-million dollar business out of it.  And not only that, but their [PMA’s] income and influence reached a peak during the time that these Democrats, along with a complicit media, were able to focus solely on equally corrupt Republicans, to the exclusion of their fellow Democrats, and turn the tide of the 2006 elections.

Pointing their finger at Republicans while the other hand is out, palm up, behind their backs.

Now is that irony or hypocrisy?  I forget.  The atmosphere is so thick with it.


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