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I was going to say something about this guy a week or so ago, but thought maybe my initial impression was to harsh, too hasty.  I should have gone ahead with my first impression.  It was the correct one.

What a jerk.

He complains bitterly about the rudeness of some commenters and all the while he slings invective after vitriol.  Not just in that post, but in most.  I pointed this out to him in my own comment several days ago and my comment is still “awaiting moderation”.  At this point there are sixty two comments that were “approved” beyond mine. (Mine was #50.  There are now 112) I used no vitriol, no cursing, no name calling.

The comments he chose to approve?  Anyone who agreed with him, anyone who proved his point, anyone who engaged in the very language he bemoaned or those in which the commenters simply argued amongst themselves.  He let a few go that briefly disagreed with his premise.

I’ve found this to be the case in so many “liberal” blogs.  The delete button is their friend.  Speak an uncomfortable truth?  Delete.  Point out the author’s fallacies?  Delete.  Enumerate a few objective facts that belie the author’s contention?  Delete.

Or just leave the comment in limbo, never allowing it to see the light of day.


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